June 23, 2024

The Icelandic government has been trying all it can to get enough Covid-19 vaccines for the entire nation. The government has succeeded. The only question left to answer is when the vaccines will be delivered, but it is clear the majority of Icelanders will get the much wanted injections this year.

There is news that WHO is criticizing rich nations for hoarding vaccines making it difficult for poor nations to get their share. What is the root of the problem? Is it lack of money or is it the system of how vaccines are developed?

The vaccines are developed by companies that sell their product. Just like any other product or service it is dependent on supply and demand. The customers that need the product and are willing to pay the price for it will get it. As more companies develop vaccines and offer it on the global market the price will probably lower due to competition.

To change how these things work the system has to be changed or the rich nations do the right thing and share. There is enough money in the world to buy vaccines for all humans. At the end of the day sharing is caring.