April 17, 2024

Covid-19 has put a lot of strain on health care systems around the world. The Icelandic health care system is no exception.

The Icelandic health care system is mostly run by the Icelandic government. It is financed with taxes and partly with payments from those that are using it. The system is designed in the way that the more you use it the less you pay. 

Same is for medicine. The more you use it in a course of a year the less you pay. If you need very expensive medicine for conditions such as cancer the patient pays nothing.

The Icelandic health care system is sometimes likened to the typical Scandinavian model with few exceptions. 

The main hospital in Reykjavik is old and construction of a new hospital has been ongoing in the past few years. Soon the biggest building will rise.

Many criticize the Icelandic health care system, but I think those that have to rely on it are very pleased including myself. It grabs everyone when they become sick and provides them first class care.

The featured photo shows a view from Landspitali university hospital in Reykjavik.