February 27, 2024

One Of The Most Unique Volcanic Eruption In Our Lifetime

The eruption on Reykjanes is probably one of the most unique eruption we will see in our lifetime. Nobody will know when it will end. It could easily continue for years without interuption or stop today.

The eruption is favorably located very far from roads, buildings or resident areas, but close enough for everyone interested to view it if they prefer. The only downside is that lava might one day close road on the south side of Reykjanes peninsula.

The eruption produces many types of lava that puzzles geologists. The lava comes from the mantle deep in the ground. There are no explosions or ash clouds like in may previous eruptions in Iceland. It is sort of a pipe that is open and out comes melted lava.

Eleven years ago the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull stopped air traffic across the Atlantic for days. It also caused a flow of tourists visiting our beautiful island. The eruption on Reykjanes will not stop any traffic or have catastrophic consequences, but it will also bring more tourists to our beautiful island and they are welcome and appreciated.

The fantastic video below shows the eruption 21st of August. The featured photo is a screenshot from the video.