July 23, 2024

Magnificent Morning and Afternoon

Driving from Isafjordur to Patreksfjordur in the Westfjords is always a fascinating journey. That morning and afternoon was magnificent.

The Dynjandi waterfall is a magnet. No matter how often you drive this road you have to stop at Dynjandi. The sound of the water pounding down the cliffs is refreshing and the sight of it is spectacular. Many say Dynjandi waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, but that is certainly a matter of opinion as Iceland has many contenders for the top spot.

The Bardastrond shore is another magnificent location with its white sands, birdlife and the view over Breidafjordur bay where Snæfellsjökull glacier can be seen on bright days such as this one. 

The drive from Isafjordur to Patreksfjordur is not long, but it has a lot to offer. High heaths, gravel roads, isolated fjords, sandy beaches, steep mountains and spectacular views. The drive is part of #TheWestfjordsWay route that is in development and offers a totally new travel experience in Iceland.