July 23, 2024

Long Term Weather Forecasts For Iceland

Weather is always the hottest topic in Iceland all year round. Everywhere you go you can always spin conversations about the weather as needed and it seems like almost all Icelanders are self-taught meteorologists. 

Summers in Iceland are short and therefore the weather is very important. In recent years long time weather forecasts are getting more reliable than before. On the Icelandic Met Office Website you can get a very good 6 day weather forecast.  

You can also get pretty good 7-10 day forecasts for all parts of Iceland on various other Web services such as Yr which is a joint service by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Blika is an Icelandic weather forecast system that recently published a long-term weather forecast for July 2020.  The Website is in Icelandic, but is easily translated with Google Translate or similar services.

According to the Blika forecast for the first two weeks of July it will be chilly in the north and north-east part and warmer in the south. In the last two weeks of July it will be warmer and sunny in the north and north-east while it might rain in the south. 

Sounds like the north and north-east parts will get the best of this summer, but that is ok.  Today, the sun is shining in the Westfjords.