July 23, 2024

Two Wondrous Westfjords Valleys

Fresh water, rivers, creeks, waterfalls, green hills, trees and blooming flowers, walkable avalanche barriers, great hiking opps, golf courses, outstanding camping sites and people enjoying outdoor activities. 

The two valleys, Seljalandsdalur and Tungudalur, in Skutulsfjordur have all this and a lot more and are in fact true paradise for all kinds of outdoor activities. You can start your hike or bike tour in the town and follow the paths or roads to each of the valleys. Within a few minutes you are in the beautiful nature of the two valleys. The roads and hiking paths offer endless possibilities of hikes and mountain biking. 

On our walk we encountered fellow hikers, bikers braved the steep mountain treks moving slowly upwards but racing at true breakneck speed downhill. We met with young people on roller skis practicing and saw an abundance of golfers, a whole village of campers met us at the bottom of Tungudalur valley and at every summer cottage people were enjoying the pure glorious weather. It was summer in Isafjordur at its absolute best. 

In winter the valleys are popular among skiers. Cross country skiing facilities are in Seljalandsdalur and downhill skiing in Tungudalur. Tungudalur has one of the longest slopes in Iceland (See video below) . A huge avalanche barrier crosses the valleys. Even though its purpose is to protect residents it is also popular for hiking and offers a steep path up to Seljalandsdalur. 

If you visit Ísafjörður you should really spend a day or two enjoying those two valleys that are truly unique in many ways.

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