June 23, 2024

Beautiful Bolungarvik Town In The Westfjords Of Iceland

It is always fun to visit the town of Bolungarvik. What is special about Bolungarvik is that the town is more or less the end of the highway and it is one of the most beautiful towns in the country surrounded by magnificent mountains on all sides except one where the sea awaits.

Yesterday it was sunny but rather windy in Bolungarvik. The high tide was coming so that it was not possible to walk on the sand which is incredibly fun. Sometimes the waves are so powerful that one reacts to these big ones that come from time to time. Someone has said that every fourth wave is the big one. Maybe that’s right.

Apart from the beauty of Bolungarvík, the town is well located with land that is unusual in the Westfjords. The town could therefore expand very much if needed.

Great excitement in the Westfjords and hopefully more places when the new viewing platform on Bolafjall opens, which is a viewing platform that extends over cliffs at a height of 500 meters and from there there will be an incredible view. One photo with this post shows the way up to Bolafjall, which is not open to the public during the winter, but that may change when the viewing platform is in use.

Below are some photos from our visit to Bolungarvik yesterday along with a video of the beach in Bolungarvik.