May 22, 2024

Iceland Photo Gallery: The Westfjords In Winter

Not so long ago, it was difficult for tourists to visit the Westfjords during the winter. Transportation was difficult and not for everyone crossing difficult and snow-heavy mountain roads.

Transportation to and from the Westfjords has improved a lot and it is possible to visit most places by car during the winter. Those who visit the Westfjords during the winter will not be disappointed. Ever-changing days ruled by whimsical weather. In a few days’ time, you can experience a snowstorm, rain, sleet and the incredible Westfjords calm in between, which is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Below is a gallery that shows moments in the Westfjords during the winter with all its unique colors, weather conditions and of course the famous stillness. All the places are also part of The Westfjords Way, #thewestfjordsway, that is a dramatic driving route and a new alternative to the ring road.

You can start a full-size slideshow by clicking on one of the photos. Enjoy the Westfjords winter!