June 25, 2024

Iceland Will Not Be Ruled By Terror

As I sit by the window and contemplate the peaceful Westfjords on a beautiful autumn day, I wonder if the peace and safety of our lovely country are a thing of the past. Yesterday, it was announced that an organized terrorist attack in Iceland had been prevented. It’s probably the first time it’s ever happened.

I have said before that we Icelanders are a peaceful nation and have avoided all wars. In recent decades, a lot of foreign workers have come to the country, who have stayed in the country for a long time and have taken part in our peaceful and good life. Refugees have come from war-torn areas and have found long-awaited safety in our good society.

It is simple to enter Iceland because it cooperates with the Schengen Area. Some Icelanders are concerned about this and worry that it will be too simple for people with negative intentions to immigrate to Iceland. The current position is that Icelandic fanatics, not foreign conspirators, were behind the above-described terrorist activities.

Thankfully, our effective police stopped these acts of terror from happening, but somehow the world has shifted for us. We will need some time to adjust to the idea that this threat could exist inside our lovely and diverse community, but we won’t allow terror to dominate our happy existence on the island in the north.