February 27, 2024

Once Again Driving The Road From Isafjordur to Reykjavik

The road from Isafjordur to Reykjavik is just fascinating. You never get tired of the everchanging mixture of landscape, weather and the seasons. Today you got a stronger mixture than usual.

It may seem a bit reckless to go on a journey to Reykjavik from Isafjordur when the weather is worsening, but when you have to go to Reykjavik then you will have to use any window that is open.  A good b-plan is also valuable, but in our case it was simply to turn around and go back to Isafjordur.

The road trip was interesting to say the least and most of the time fascinating that included sunshine, snow, fierce winds, whirlwinds, drifting snow blowing over the road causing limited visibility, slippery road and finally clear road as we got near Reykjavik.

The video below gives you an idea of the weather conditions that one might expect on the road from Isafjordur to Reykjavik in the middle of winter.