February 27, 2024

Important hallmark of Iceland is the fishing industry and an integral part of it are the harbours and docks that are in almost every town and every village along Iceland’s coast.

One of the most pleasant experiences we know is visiting the docks, stopping for a few photo shots or just enjoy looking at the variety of boats rocking synchronously with the movement of the ocean.  What a peaceful and easy feeling.

In recent years sailboats frequently visit Iceland  on their journeys across the Atlantic Ocean. Some sailboats even stay for the winter. 

Another type of vessels frequently visiting Iceland in the past two decades are the cruise ships. It is a sight to see the gigantic cruise ships sailing into the narrow fjords and stay there for a day. 

The photo gallery below shows moments at some of Iceland’s harbours with the majority of the photos from harbours in the Westfjords. Click on photo to start the full screen slideshow.

Since there is no photo from Reykjavik here is a video showing ships and whaling boats in Reykjavik harbour.