April 17, 2024

Eurovision Song Contest Mania

We love the Eurovision Song Contest just like almost every other Icelander. For decades Icelanders have dreamt of winning the contest. We got very close in 1999 and 2009, but 2020 was going to be the year we would finally win. Then came Covid and the contest,   including our dream, was postponed for a year.

The song Icelanders believed would win the Eurovision Song Contest this year is Think About Things by Daði & Gagnamagnið. The song is great, the group is great, Daði is a great front man and their act is great including the dance moves that everybody loves and can learn. 

The song has gained worldwide attention that somehow started when the actor Russell Crowe tweeted about the song.

Another Hollywood actor, Will Ferrell, is apparently a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and has made a Netflix movie about the contest that will debut on June 26th. Recently a sneak peak was released from the movie where Ferrell and Rachel McAdams sing a song  called “Volcano Man”.

A lot of the movie was filmed in Iceland. It seems from the video that the beautiful Reykjanes peninsula plays a part in the movie.

Next year Iceland will finally win, hopefully, with the 2022 contest held in Reykjavik. If not we will try again and again and enjoy the contest immensely every year. Until then the Eurovision Song Contest mania continues with no end in sight 🙂