February 28, 2024

The Southern Valley (Syðridalur) near Bolungarvik is a gem of a valley no matter what time of year. This photo was taken a few years ago in early May. Lots of snow still in the mountains soon to be melted away.

There is a lake in the valley and the river runs from it to the sea. Because of the snow melt the river is wider than usual. The mountain range around Southern Valley is phenomenal with a blend of high and steep mountains and beautiful hills. 

There are popular hiking routes from the Southern Valley and to Hnifsdalur and Tungudalur near Isafjordur Town. The hiking takes only a few hours and are hours well spent. 

We have frequently hiked the route from the Southern Valley to Hnifsdalur in the summertime and it is always exciting. The view on both sides is amazing and the hills are blooming with life.