July 23, 2024

Enjoying A Spectacular View Of Vatnajökull Glacier

After hiking for a day in Skaftafell we rested in hotel near mountain Lómagnúpur. The room had a view facing both Lómagnúpur and Vatnajökull with a magnificent view of Hvannadalshnjukur the highest mountain in Iceland.

We just sat and adored the beautiful sight. The day has been hot and sunny with a refreshing breeze. The hotel is built in the middle of an old lava field and there is nothing that blocks the view.

The mountain Lómagnúpur is one of our favorite Icelandic mountains. It is a cliff that guards the entrance to Skeiðarársand blacksand and the kingdom of the glacier Vatnajökull.

The view of Vatnaglacier is beautiful, but at the same time you are looking at one of the most powerful and dangerous volcanoes in Iceland. The Öræfajökull glacier recently showed signs of waking up. When that happens, we do not want to be around. However, it can take years, decades or centuries for that to happen. Until then we enjoy the spectacular view.