July 23, 2024

Distant Church Lights In Snow Storm

It is calming to see the church lights through the snow storm. No matter which religion you have there is something special about it.

This church is located on a hill in the town of Bolungarvik in the Westfjords of Iceland. Bolungarvik is at the end of the road. You cannot go any further. Almost at the edge of the inhabitable world. However, in the summer you can go a bit further into Skalavik inlet.

At the top of the Bolafjall mountain you see on the photo below is a radar station. You can go there in the summer by car or by foot to get a view like no other. The forward thinking people of Bolungarvik are planning to build a fascinating sightseeing platform along the cliffs on the other side of Bolafjall. This will make Bolungarvik one of the most exciting destinations in the Westfjords.

Bolafjall Mountain Above Bolungarvik Town

Here is more information  about the sightseeing design.