April 17, 2024

Bíldudalur Is A Fishing Village With A New Purpose

Bildudalur is a small village in the beautiful fjord Arnarfjordur. Sheltered by high mountains located deep in the fjord the weather in Bildudalur is often still and calm.

Bildudalur is one of those small fishing villages in Iceland that had trouble finding a new purpose in order to survive. Fishing is still the mainstay of the economy but now through aquaculture as Bildudalur hosts the headquarters of Arnarlax, one of the biggest aquaculture companies in Iceland. 

A few years ago a factory creating products from calcified seaweed was set up in the village and in addition to the growth in aquaculture the village has grown quite a lot in recent years. 

There is a unique museum in Bildudalur that is worth visiting, even if you only have a few minutes to spare. It is a museum of Icelandic pop music displaying items and artifacts that go back to the beginning of pop music in Iceland. All these items are collected by one man Mr. Jon Olafsson who himself is also a well-known music artist.