June 23, 2024

Admiring Work Of Nature At Lake Myvatn

Lava formations, heat, steam, strange smell and a lake full of life. Myvatn and its surroundings is the pearl in the North-East of Iceland. It is such a magical place.

When you hike among the lava formations near Lake Myvatn you feel amazed by nature’s creativity.

Volcanic eruptions are common in Iceland and are spectacular. The result is craters and lava formations. Sometimes the result is spectacular like at Lake Myvatn.

When the lava met water it created all kinds of creatures large and small. For the creative mind the lava formations become the stage for adventures and new characters. Others walk along the formations with amazement and admiration for the work of nature.

One of our highlights of last year was a hike among the lava formations at Lake Myvatn when we stayed there for a few days last summer.

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