May 22, 2024

Winter Is Approaching With a Ferocity

Winter is beginning to leave its mark on the environment, as shown in the featured photo. As the temperature drops, the snow beard in the mountain is clearly evident. If I recall properly, the snow line is about 200 meters high and the temperature drops by 1 degree every 50–70 meters. At least I know I’m not too far away.

A significant storm two weeks ago resulted in floods and destruction across the nation. Despite having a lot of wind and rain, the Westfjords managed to avoid the worst of the weather better than most. A new storm prediction for the following Sunday calls for snowfall and severe winds. Once more, there is a likelihood that the weather in the northern region of the nation, where the weather warning is orange, may be the worst. The warning is one level lower, or yellow, in the Westfjords, Eastfjords, and the south and west of the island.

This weather prediction seems a little too gloomy for the season, in my opinion. Although snow in early October is not unusual, I believe it is much too early. In a perfect world, snow would begin to fall in November or December, but happily, we live in an imperfect world. Despite at times being windy and rainy, this year’s autumn has been magnificent and there is nothing to complain about. The tranquility of the fjords appears in between, sweeping away all but pleasant memories and aiding the mind in calming down when necessary.

My life partner is an exceptional walker who takes early morning walks and posts pictures of them on social media. Here are some photos from the most recent few weeks.

Morning Walks
Morning Walks