July 23, 2024

Blonduos: The Northern Ring Road Rest Stop

Blonduos is located at Hunafloi in the Hunavatnssysla, northwest Iceland about 240 km. from Reykjavik. Blonduos is hard to miss since it is located on road no 1 around Iceland. The hallmark of Blonduos is the river Blanda that strings through the village and is the town’s namesake.

Blonduos is a food processing town. Near Blonduos is the Blanda hydroelectric power plant and tourists can get acquainted with the process of making electricity there. Tourist services are also a large part of the Blonduos economy due to the excellent location.

Blonduos offers a textile museum displaying homemade handicraft and textiles that show the traditional Icelandic methods of wool working. Horseback riding and golfing opportunities are available to tourists. Around Blonduos are some of the best angling rivers in Iceland and hiking opportunities are plentiful.