April 17, 2024

The Last Remains Of Winter

Soon the snow will leave the mountains and the transition period of spring will begin, which at first is rather colorless until the mountain slopes and meadows start to turn green. I love the change of seasons. They are an endless source of fun footage and beautiful moments.

In the featured picture you can see that the mountains have become striped when the snow melts. In the mountains you can see small avalanches here and there that fall when the sun’s rays melt the winter remains. Last winter was difficult but no serious avalanches fell. Everyone escaped unharmed after this winter.

It is not a given that winter passes without accidents or disasters in the Westfjords. The area is one of the most dangerous in Iceland when it comes to avalanches and winter hardships. Over the past hundred years, many devastating avalanches have occurred. It’s interesting to think that my grandfather escaped one of these avalanches 110 years ago and I probably would not exist if he had been caught in the avalanche.

Therefore, it is always good when spring comes, even though it is dull and colorless to begin with. It is a sign that life has won again and that bright times lie ahead.