June 23, 2024

300 Articles About Iceland

This article is number 300 since we started writing again on icelandinfocus.com in October 2019. We make one requirement when writing an article and that is to have at least one photo, which belongs to the subject matter. Usually the pictures have been much more than one. Sometimes the articles are short but rarely very long. We also try to have in each article one thought, one memory or one experience that describes our views on our beautiful island in the middle of the North Atlantic.

During this time, a lot has happened both in international affairs, which also affects Iceland, and with us personally. This Web site is just a hobby. Therefore, we feel good to have managed to write 300 articles during this time. We also maintain a Facebook page, Twitter page and Instagram page.

On our Instagram page, we have started posting photos where we mix our photographs with styles from the world of painting with the help of artificial intelligence and we think it creates an opportunity to experience Iceland with us in a completely new way.

Since we live in the Westfjords, the Westfjords have been given a special place in these articles. It is also because the Westfjords are being discovered internationally as a very exciting destination in Iceland and is an interesting contrast to the landscape and human life in the southern part of the country.

When we travel around our wonderful country we try to take as many pictures as possible. We are not very adventurous and we probably travel like most people who come to the country. We travel by car and stay in guesthouses or hotels. During this time we have travelled both The Westfjords Way and ring road number 1.

We hope that if you read one or more articles on this website, you will feel our love for Iceland, which is an inexhaustible source of unique moments and good memories, and that one day you will want to visit our beautiful island and experience like we do every day.

Experience Iceland with us in photos and words!

If you are interested in viewing part of our photo collection, we have set up 3 photo galleries for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021