April 17, 2024

Summer Has Arrived In The Westfjords

The summer has arrived in the Westfjords. It is the time when the mountain hills are almost green, most of the snow melted and the days are warmer with occasional sunshine. Not much to ask for, but this is summer to me.

The summer weather in the Westfjords can be tricky. Sometimes the weather is the same as in the south and sometimes it follows the north. This summer we have got similar weather as the south and south-west just a little bit cooler. 

Some say the stillness is invented in the Westfjords and there is a reason for it. Stillness on the fjords in the mornings and evenings is common and is always a fascinating experience. It is a food for the soul to watch the smooth stillness occasionally disrupted by birds or boats passing by. 

Ahead of us is the best time of the year.

Summer Arriving
Summer Arriving