June 23, 2024

Rules, Restrictions and Human Behavior

Why is it difficult for Icelanders to follow rules and restrictions? 

This question was asked recently when one of Iceland’s top political leaders did not adhere to Covid-19 restrictions. This question is hard to answer as it may have roots deep in the soul of the nation.

We are a small nation on an island in the North Atlantic and were for centuries ruled by Scandinavian countries. In order to survive we had to be resourceful and courageous. Sometimes rules needed to be bent or broken to survive. Maybe it is written into our DNA. Maybe it was just a human mistake. 

Covid-19 rules have been heavily criticized but for the most part adhered to. Some feel they have been too strict while others feel they are too soft. The least you can expect is for the people that set the rules to follow the rules. 

In our community people are very careful. Everyone is using masks inside shops and service facilities. Nobody is shaking hands or hugging in public. Everywhere we go people are doing their best. 

At the moment there is no Covid-19 case in our community, but we know if someone is not careful it can quickly spiral out of control. So, in order to survive we follow the rules and adhere to restrictions.