July 23, 2024

Iceland Weather: Reflections On Harsh Winter Month

The month of February last year was harsh. That’s when Covid-19 started. That’s when lives all around the world were turned upside down including mine. 

The first Covid-19 case in Iceland came in February. The weather was fierce. Snow was accumulating in the Westfjords and magma was accumulating below the surface of the earth near Grindavik Town. The Icelandic Met Office had to issue many warnings. 

That month I faced the biggest challenge of my life. At least I thought so at that moment, but I was wrong. The worst was yet to come. I can now look back at this time knowing that I faced the challenge head on. Not out of the woods, but I can see the sunshine in between.

As we drove home to Westfjords we stopped for a while in Skotufjordur and shot this photo. I was glad we stopped at this moment. Even though things can get tough for a while there is always a light at the end of the road. It was a moment of hope.