June 23, 2024

Monumental Memories Of Moments In The North Of Iceland

It’s amazing how time flies, even though every day, every hour and every minute can be long.

We were recently traveling around the north and were extremely lucky with the weather on our way to Akureyri. We stopped briefly at a monument to Stephan G. Stephanson in Skagafjörður. He was a poet from Skagafjörður who moved to the West where he wrote poems about his country Iceland.

On these wooden benches many years ago, we stopped in the spring and ate lunch and had a wonderful time with our daughter who is now becoming an adult. There we quietly ate home-made packed lunches and admired this monument and the magnificent Skagafjörður with its beautiful mountain range. If time had stopped, these would be our footprints.

Skagafjörður could well be called “the sunshine state” because in winter the sun never disappears completely, as happens in many Icelandic fjords during high winters as in the Westfjords.

It is in the winter that one finds how important the sun is to all life. When the sun is seen on a bright day, it shines around us and no less in our mind and soul.

The other day I saw a documentary that said that 20-30 minutes of sunshine a day contained the necessary daily dose of vitamin D that we need. This day we got enough vitamin D as we were happy when we arrived in Akureyri after an incredibly beautiful day of travel.