June 23, 2024

Iceland Westfjords: Pink Skies, Shadows and Sunshine

This has been an incredible day after an amazing week. The week started with heavy snowfall and strong winds, then it started to cool down and then it started to calm down and the sun started to show. It was as if the weather god wanted to make up for this week’s snowstorm and bring us an amazing day before the weekend.

The morning started with a calm and when the sun started to rise it colored the sky with pink and beautiful blue. When the sun finally looked over the mountain tops, it began to play with the shadows depending on where you were located.

The sun is not very high in the sky at this time of year but it rises every day. It does not heat up much, but it is a good feeling to see it after the darkest time of winter. The best time of the winter is still to reach its peak on the first day of summer in April, which is celebrated in Iceland, as no wonder.

As can be seen in the pictures below, there is a lot of snow in Isafjordur. The snow is still being shoveled out of narrow holes and preferably into the sea. This is the largest amount of snow that has been seen in several years, but in previous years there has often been much more snow than this.

A walk in the sunshine with crackling footsteps and machine sound as accompaniment made this day a great experience.

Here are photos taken today in Ísafjörður. You can click any image to start a slideshow. There are also videos below.