July 23, 2024

The Midnight Sun In The Westfjords

Sitting on the north-facing shore and watching the spectacle of the midnight sun slowly disappearing behind the ocean’s horizon is a phenomenon almost out of this world.

Ísafjörður Bay is such an ideal location to experience summer nights and the midnight sun. The fjords with coves and creeks along the shore add mystique and excitement to the environment.

There are endless locations to stop and get amazed by the sight as the sun fades slowly below the ocean’s surface until a few moments later it arrives again fulfilling the promise of a brand new day. 

Grab a chair, cup of coffee or cocoa and partner with the people you love and you are in for a visual treat. It may be chilly, but Icelandic wool sweater and cap will make you feel warm and cozy. This is definitely #TheWestfjordsWay.