June 23, 2024

Completely Calm Landscape And Life Reflections

In this morning’s news was that a heat wave was expected in southern Europe. Here in Ísafjörður, the temperature yesterday was 21-22 degrees Celsius and almost calm. By our standards, this is our heat wave.

Waking up to the morning sun in complete stillness is a wonderful experience. Pollurinn as we call the innermost part of Skutulsfjörður is completely still and the landscape, all life and human work is reflected in the calm sea.

As summer passes, it is as if even more stillness prevails over the fjord. The shadows get longer and play with the sun’s rays in some wonderful way. It is more quieter as the noisy terns are leaving town for the long flight before winter.

I could not help myself and shot a few pictures this morning. This is a viewpoint where we have taken pictures in all kinds of weather in all seasons, but still you have to stop on a morning like this and shoot at least one picture.

Reflections on Pollurinn
Reflections on Pollurinn