May 22, 2024

Bolungarvik Is A Town With History

Bolungarvik is the northernmost town in the Westfjords and it is a sort of an end station, in a very positive way. Its location is very scenic and one of the most beautiful town settings in the Westfjords.

Before when visiting Bolungarvik one had to drive the road Oshlid which is only a 10 minutes drive, fascinating and terrifying at the same time. The mountain is almost towering above the road hundreds of meters high, the sea is on the other hand and the beautiful view over to the Jokulfirdir area gives driving this road an extra special feeling.  This road is possible to hike og bike but cars go through a tunnel, opened in 2010 that has replaced the Oshlid road as the main road to Bolungarvik. 

Bolungarvik is a fishing town and its history as such goes back more than a 1000 years. Since the settlement of Iceland, there have been fishing stations in Bolungarvik. Still today, the seamen of Bolungarvik are extremely valiant in their quest for the sea’s catch.

To view the conditions the sailors in Bolungarvik lived hundreds of years ago visitors can go to the Museum Osvor. Osvor is a reconstructed fishing station that shows the housing, equipment, boats and clothing the sailors used. 

A 20 minute drive from Bolungarvik the beautiful valley of Skalavik offers wonderful hiking options and a sandy beach. On the way to Skalavik it is possible to go off that road up to the mountain Bolafjall where visitors can enjoy the most spectacular views over the Isafjordurdjup and the Jokulfirdir. On a good day, one can even spot the glacier Drangajokull.