May 27, 2022
Large Cruise Ship in Isafjordur Town

Cruising Around Iceland

It is increasingly popular to go on a cruise around Iceland. We are not surprised. Watching Iceland with all its mountains, sea cliffs and rough shores from sea is unforgettable experience.

The number of visitors to Iceland via cruise ships continues to grow. According to data from the Icelandic Tourist Board yearly growth in the past 5 years is on average approx. 20%. This year more than 500.000 people arrived to Iceland via cruise ships and 237.000 crew members. 

Ocean Diamond is on top of the list of cruise ships with 125 visits followed by Le Champlain with 79 visits.

Cruise Ship at Isafjordur Port

The growth in visitors is clearly visible in the towns and villages around Iceland. Sometimes 5-6000 people visit Isafjordur Town on a single day and that is double the number of inhabitants.