June 23, 2024

Trailing Seals around Iceland in Hvammstangi

For a long time the seals around Iceland have been a part of Icelandic history and heritage. Throughout the ages, the seal played an important part in the survival of the Icelandic people. During the cold and dark winter days, oil from the seals lit up the houses built with hay and mud.

One of the most fascinating museums in Iceland is the Icelandic Seal Center. The museum is located in Hvammstangi, a small fishing town on the north coast of Iceland.

The Seal Center aims to provide educational art exhibitions and is committed to sustainable development. Inside the museum, you will find numerous life-size mounted seals. You will find information about seals around Iceland, where they live and where they breed. At the time of visit, we saw a documentary in the basement that was very informative.

The Seal Center is one of several museums and exhibitions in Iceland that focuses on wild animals in and around Iceland. Other exhibits on wild animals in Iceland are the whale museum in Húsavík and the Arctic Fox Center in Súðavík.

The photo below shows seals relaxing at shore in Skotufjordur in the Westfjords.

Seals Skotufjordur - Westfjords