June 23, 2024

I live in one of the earth’s most beautiful places in a unique community. Day in and day out I watch the seasons come and go with nature in its most splendor.

Sometimes I forget how privileged I am until the rain stops and the sky draws a brand new picture, the colors change from gray tones to all the colors of the rainbow. 

Sometimes I forget how privileged I am until I watched the news. In my community you are as safe as one can be in our world. We are a peace loving nation with the biggest threat coming from nature, such as bad weather, landslides, avalanches and volcanic eruptions. 

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am until I see three large cruise ships docked in my narrow fjord with 5.000 travelers eager to experience the exceptional nature of the Westfjords. Which is what I can do every single day of the year.

Skalavik in Westfjords