February 28, 2024

The Promise of Summer

Summer is coming in the Westfjords of Iceland. The green is getting more visible and the snow continues to melt away from the mountains.

The bright blue sky and the mild temperature is a promise of what’s ahead in the coming days and weeks. In fact everything in Iceland looks brighter and easier these days as the pandemic is easing with only 2 active  cases as of yesterday.

This summer Icelanders will mostly travel domestically. That is a good thing. We look forward to travelling to the north, east, west and south this summer both on the ring road and the Westfjords way. We will discover new sights and viewpoints and experience more great moments with the morning and the midnight sun.

It may seem Iceland is being abandoned at the moment, but that is just a short period. Tourists will soon flock again to Iceland to experience the most unique landscape in Europe with us.