July 23, 2024

Iceland Weather Changes: Farewell February

It is known that the weather in Iceland can change in a short time. Although weather forecasts are always getting better, there is always a possibility that the reality will be different than forecast.

Weather changes can be exciting but sometimes difficult, for example when traveling in high winter. On mountain roads, dark fog or the infamous Icelandic snow drift can hit and then it is difficult to distinguish the road and the immediate surroundings where everything turns white. These changes may occur at short notice. When this happens, it is important to slow down and try to spot the yellow signs along the road.

Sometimes you see changes in the weather in the distance. At the horizon on this photo you can clearly see there is a snowstorm or rain over Faxafloi Bay. As Reykjavik drew closer, we drove into these clouds which turned out to be sleet or snow depending on how high the road was.

Last February has been difficult from a meteorological point of view and one of the worst in this century. It has been heavy with snow and many weather warnings have been issued.

I’m sure better times are ahead. The sun rises higher in the sky each day and at the same time the sunshine become warmer. When the bright days come, the boring ones are quickly forgotten.