July 23, 2024

Short Road Trip in the Westfjords

Going on small road trips in the Westfjords is one of our favorite things to do. The trip today was a lot of fun. The weather was far better than forecast, and we witnessed temperatures on the thermometer that had not been seen this summer before. The temperature climbed as we traveled south.

The road was alive with activity. Tourist buses from major cruise ships that docked in Ísafjörður Town. Many people visited the Dynjandi waterfall, which has a distinct attraction because it is not your typical waterfall.

On Dynjandi Fjord, a yacht in the quiet made a good effect on the surroundings. There were a lot of tourists at the waterfall, and you could see many people heading up the hill to get a closer look at the waterfall and hear the thunder as it tumbled over the rocks.

We finished our journey in the village of Þingeyri, which is located by the fjord Dýrafjörður. At the wayside convenience store, we enjoyed one of the nicest cappuccinos in the Westfjords. On a moment like this life is perfect.

The road trip is documented in photographs below. Enjoy!