November 29, 2021

Timeline Photos

This is our “anything goes” timeline of photos, videos and probably short but interesting stuff about Iceland. We will start and stay current and maybe we will go way back, eventually.

Aug 21

Rare Clarity

It is rare to get a clear view of the Snæfellsjökull glacier from far away when driving this road.
Jul 02

Foggy And Beautiful Morning In Ísafjörður

Jun 26

Birds On A Pond

One sleeping and the other awake. A perfect couple.

Jun 24

Ísafjörður Town In Two Directions

Jun 20

Suðureyri Village Views

Views from the village Suðureyri as seen from the harbour.

Jun 20


A view over Súgandafjörður as seen from the tunnel to Ísafjörður.

Jun 20

Clouds Over Ísafjörður

Sometimes the clouds become the main feature of the landscape.

Jun 19

View From Ósvör Lighthouse In Bolungarvík

Jun 19

Isafjordur Harbour at Midnight

Jun 19

Bolungarvík Below Bolafjall Mountain

Jun 17

Brass Band Listening Or Playing?

The national holiday celebrated at Ísafjörður town center.

Jun 17

Ísafjörður Town

A view over Ísafjörður town as seen from the avalanche barriers protecting the town.

Jun 17

Summer Flowers In The Meadow

This means only one thing – summer is here!

Jun 14

Streaming Buna River